Meet Caitlin Bassett, Netball Player and Purity Plant Protein Brand Partner

Meet Caitlin Bassett, Netball Player and Purity Plant Protein Brand Partner

If anyone knows what it takes to achieve greatness, it’s Caitlin Bassett.

If her name rings a bell, you might’ve seen the 32-year-old fitness fanatic running laps around her opponents on the netball court, only to score dozens of points during each game. The talented Aussie athlete is our poster girl for success, with two Netball World Cup victories under her belt, along with a Commonwealth Games gold medal stored in her trophy collection.
Undoubtedly, it has taken an extreme amount of hard work, grit, determination and talent to get to where she is today. And that’s exactly why we’re so excited to announce that Caitlin is Purity Plant Protein’s new ambassador!

We chatted to the athlete about why she loves our plant based supplements, how she incorporates a range of our products into her daily pre and post workout routine, and how they’ve helped her perform at her peak!

1) Why have you chosen to partner with Purity Plant Protein?

As an elite athlete nutrition plays an important part in my performance. My body is my most important tool and putting the right fuel in helps me get the most out of every training session. I also care about the environment so using a plant based protein that is batch tested is very important to me.

2) What’s your favourite P3 product and how do you incorporate our supplements into your everyday routine?

It’s a tough choice but P3’s Complete Green Immunity is my favourite. I love the taste and usually blend it with some frozen fruit and coconut water as the base of a smoothie bowl. Topped with some granola it’s the perfect snack for a hot day!

3) How does Purity Plant Protein help you achieve your goals?

Building and maintaining lean muscle mass is something I am always working on. P3’s Full Spectrum Protein + Probiotic makes getting enough protein in my diet easy. I mix it in a smoothie post training, the taste is delicious and most importantly it doesn’t make me feel bloated or heavy.

P3’s natural rapid restore is another training staple. I always keep it in my bag and have it as I am cooling down after a tough court work session. The blend of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants help reduce muscle cramps and inflammation helping me recover quicker for my next training.

Getting sick is also not an option for an athlete, especially when they’re leading up to a big competition. I use P3’s Complete Green Immunity everyday to help ward off illness and support my immune system. Less time spent sick means more time training to be my best! What more could I ask for?

4) What’s your secret to high performance?

To be the best you need to create high performance habits, it’s all about the one percenters. It takes discipline to continually perform at your best but I find if I have good habits, I don’t even need to think, my body will naturally crave the right things to make it work.

5) Do you have a quote you live by to help you excel in being an athlete?

“Hard work creates luck.” Most people want to give up when something is hard, but I like to use it as motivation. When something is difficult the outcome is usually worth the work. To be able to achieve something that most people have given up on is pretty cool!

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