Simon Dunn’s top tips to help you stick to your fitness goals

Simon Dunn is one of Australia’s biggest sporting successes. The bobsleighing champion and professional footy player knows how far hard work, dedication and determination can take you in life. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Simon has joined our Purity Plant Protein team. He incorporates our vegan-friendly supplements into his every day routine so he can boost his immune health, support his muscles, ligaments and tendons, train at an optimal level and recover quickly.

In case you’re in a funk and need some extra motivation to get you off the couch and into the gym, Simon has gifted us with his top tips for staying committed and dedicated to your training. He also tells us what helps him get the most out of his workouts!

Set achievable and realistic goals

Make sure the goals you set yourself are achievable! Don’t expect to go out and run 5 kilometres everyday when you’ve spent your entire life avoiding doing exactly that! Instead, aim for once or twice a week, once you’ve created that habit slowly build on it. This way it will be less of a shock to your routine and you’re more likely to succeed.

Find a gym buddy with the same goals

As fun as it is to train with your friends, if they don’t have the same goals you’re less likely to stick to it and push each other further. Think about it, you don’t see many bodybuilders training with tennis players as they’re completely different styles of training. The same applies to you and your workout sessions.

Allow for and learn from failure

Set backs are to be expected when it comes to training. The key to overcoming them is to almost expect them and when they do happen learn from the experience itself. Failure with training can generally be used to refocus your goals and work out what is best to prevent them from happening. Failure is a lesson!

Mix things up and make training fun

Don’t fall into the mentality of thinking that training should solely be about spending hours’ week in and week out slugging away at the gym. This will get tiresome really quickly! Mix things up a bit, get outside, go for a hike, go rock climbing, go to the beach. The options are endless! This will help break up the repetitiveness of training whilst still remaining active.

Fuel Your Body Right

Life can be busy and the first thing we tend to sacrifice is our diet. We wouldn’t put cheap dirty fuel in our Ferrari so why do that to our body? One of the best tricks I’ve learnt whilst competing for Australia is supplementing my diet with greens. These are a blend of organic fruit and leafy greens which are high in nutrients required for everyday life. I was training so much that it was hard to find the time to meal prep, this meant I could ensure my body had the fuel it needed.

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